Semaphora is the second official release by the German instrumental band Buddha Sentenza. Following the success of their 2009 demo mode0909 and their self-produced debut album South Western Lower Valley Rock in 2013, the quintet from Heidelberg returns this fall with what is perhaps their most elaborate work to date. Semaphora contains six tracks with over 45 minutes of musical meditations that honor the band’s vast sonic heritage by comprising sounds from multiple corners of the musical spectrum. The result is a vibe that is both “retro” and modern; ambient and rock solid; tightly orchestrated and loosely jammed; a mix of progressive, psychedelic, stoner and even metal elements that will keep listeners’ ears at the edge of their heads. “Semaphora,” the band tells us, “is one of those records that should grow on you.” Indeed, as hinted at by the album’s title and artwork, the fragmentary mix of perspectives and soundscapes created by Buddha Sentenza seem to bear meanings that are impossible to verbalize; mysteries that are open for each listener to resolve. Semaphora promises to surprise you with its intricate details on every new spin. Put your foot on the gas pedal, let go of the steering wheel, close your eyes and enjoy the ride!